About Us

Leading Supplier Of Specialised Electrical Products

Advanced Product Technology (Pty) LTD was established in 1978 under the management of Jeff Jonsson. The company traded in the general electronic components and soon became the leading supplier of components in the Vaal Triangle.

In 1985 Jeff was joined by his brother Gary Jonsson and it was decided then to expand the business and develop as a distributor of Power semiconductors and related components, and also specialised electrical products including HRC fuses and fusegear, relays, timers, and silicone cable. In1992 Allan Nilsen join the organization managing finance and administration for the group. Advanced Product Technology (APT) is now a leading supplier of specialised electrical products in Southern Africa. With the head office in Johannesburg and branches in Durban and Cape Town, APT services a wide range of industries including power reticulation (Eskom and municipal), lighting projects (industrial, commercial and, domestic), heavy industrial (iron and steel works), solar/photovoltaic, mining and commercial agriculture. The company represents various international principals, all of which are leading manufacturers in their field of electrical and electronic engineering. APT is ISO 9001 accredited and a level 1 BBBEE certification.

APT is comprised of 7 Divisions


The lighting range includes the following luminaires:


  • Industrial and domestic LED floodlights from 10w to 400w (up to 2kw on request)
  • Industrial LED highbays from 100w up to 300w
  • LED tubes, recessed panels, wallpacks and bulbs
  • LED streetlights
  • High Intensity Discharge lamps (H.I.D’s) from 70w to 1000w
  • Layout design and simulation modeling

APT is a specialist distributor of flexible electrical cable, comprising of the following categories: Silicone Rubber, Neoprene Rubber, PVC (polyvinyl chloride).


  • Single core
  • Single core, polyester braid from 1.1kv to 13.8kv
  • High voltage ignition cable
  • Multicores (standard) and with glass fiber/galvanized steel wire braid
  • All silicone insulated related cables


  • HO5RR-F Multicores 300/500 volt
  • HO7RN-F Multicores 450/750 volt
  • Drum reeling cable
  • Flat crane/ festoon cable
  • Chloroprene mining (screened and unscreened)
  • Welding cable


  • Multicore screened and unscreened control cable
  • Multi-paired instrumentation (individual and/or overall mylar screened) (Dekaron & Dekabon/ APL)
  • Flat crane/ festoon cable
  • Pendant control cable
  • UTP/FTP network cable
  • Welding cable


  • 1000v DC rated from 4mmsq to 35mmsq

APT is the main distributor of Bussmann/EATON fuse links and fuse gear products in Southern Africa. We offer the widest product range for the protection of electrical and electronic circuits including:

  • BS and DIN Standard LV industrial fuse links
  • BS and DIN Standard HV fuse links
  • BS, US and DIN fuse links for the protection of semiconductors
  • 1000v DC photovoltaic fuses
  • Electricity Supply Distribution fuse links, LV and HV
  • American Power Distribution fuses
  • Sub miniature, glass and ceramic body fuses
  • Fuse holders and fuse blocks
  • J-type fuse links for distribution pillars
  • HV expulsion fuse links

APT supplies PV components to an increasingly growing sector, including:

  • MC4 connectors
  • DC PV rated MCB’s and isolators
  • 1000v DC fuses, fuse holders and fuse disconnects
  • Combiner box manufacture
  • Various lithium batteries
  • Our stock of Solar panels includes a wide range of both Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline

As recognized agents for IXYS/Westcode semiconductors, International Rectifier, DEECorp Power
Semiconductors and Haujing Semiconductors, we stock a wide range of quality semiconductor products

  • High power rectifiers
  • Thyristors and diodes
  • Power modules and transistors
  • IGBT’s, HexFets and GTO’s
  • Reverse conducting thyristors
  • Micro- electronic relays and bridge rectifiers
  • Solid state relays
  • Range of heatsink profiles
  • APT stocks a wide range of overhead line transmission hardware including:
  • 3 to 66Kv silicone surge arresters
  • 12 to 33Kv drop-out fuse switches, porcelain & silicone
  • 12 to 33kv Longrod composite insulators
  • PG clamps, piercing connectors, strain clamps, dead-ends, pre-forms etc

APT also assembles a wide range of Single and Three phase rectifier/ SCR units, AC/DC (air and water
cooled) control switches and AC/DC contactor assemblies. We have the facilities to manufacture various
kinds of customized assemblies to suit your requirements.